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Product development

Since 2003, we have been partners for the food industry, producing and developing products for national and international retail and wholesale trade. We are experienced specialists for the development and production of spices, soups and broths, and we are able to respond to current food trends within these categories.

Our product groups in one glance:

Not only do we provide a product of high quality, we can also manufacture products with the following properties: organic, conventional, vegetarian, vegan, “clean label”, free from lactose, gluten, cholesterol, yeast, palm fat, low in salt, without salt, halal and kosher.

Our product qualities

We will provide the following product qualities

Five steps to your own product – the development process

Do you have a concrete product idea? Based on your development contract we will create recipes for you with up to 20 components. We draw on a portfolio of hundreds of raw materials. With decades of product development experience, we will deliver the taste quality and functional properties of your idea.


Introduction of the product idea / briefing


Product development


Test phase in the laboratory


Sampling of the product


Customer acceptance of the recipe


Product launch

Taste research

Professional taste design and high quality ingredients

Our raw material portfolio comprises of several hundred raw ingredients with a variety of characteristics that we use when creating recipes. Here we distinguish the flavour and texturising properties of the spices as well as the processing method of a material; for example; natural spices, spice extracts, natural flavouring etc. Noticeably, the types of certification play a big role for us – organic, halal, kosher, free of allergens etc.
We then complete the recipes with functional ingredients, like thickening agents, stabilisers, acidifiers and others. We also recognise trends early and integrate them into our range, which is a big strength of the Moguntia Food Group; for example the substitution of palm fat with shea butter.

  1. Definition of the requirements
  2. Examination
  3. Practical test
  4. Inclusion in the portfolio

Definition of the requirements

Requirements for new raw materials are defined, or the supplier informs us of new raw materials.



The raw ingredient is examined by the product development and quality control departments (specification, sensory qualities, certificates, price, availability etc.)


Practical test

The use in recipes is tested, either as a completely new development or as a substitute (one-to-one replacement or to complement).


Inclusion in the portfolio

If the test is positive, the raw material is included in the range.

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